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written by: Jacqueline De Notogh



Supplying the breath of life

To all the beings of our earth

It can raise us to the pinnacle of imagination

Or level our lands & lives to the depths of despair.


Not just a cool or warm breeze

A force invisible yet essential

Uncontrollable by the wiles of man

Unyielding to all who dare to show opposition.


Our atmosphere is equally friend and foe

Like an ally who challenges us to grow

Its imbalance can bring tempests & tornadoes

But within the squalls are heights we yearn to reach.


The brave reach out to embrace its vitality

Not unlike the passion of true love

Which grants the illusion of walking on a cloud

Though from the fall some may never recover.


Has mankind’s ambition polluted our world

To the point of self-destruction

Where every breath we take

Diminishes our chances for recovery.


We are born of the Spirit of the wind

          We move with the currents

                   We take shelter from the flurry

                             We harness the power

                                         When life leaves us to the spirit we gratefully return.


Divided from nature we are grounded, united with nature we soar freely above all.

Jacqueline De Notogh

Jacqueline De Notogh

I grew up in the UK in a house filled with books and was encouraged to read and write from an early age. My family emigrated to Canada when I was 9 and I have lived in both places at various times since. I later studied Literature & philosphy at University and consider myself very much still a student of those subjects. I aspire to write the way EE Cummigs describes poetry should be written from deep rooted emotion.
Jacqueline De Notogh

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