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written by: Jacqueline De Notogh



A life force for all on earth

Yet not bereft of danger

Oceans waves can damage, rivers can break free

Just as man can both save and destroy life.


Rain like love cleanses

Refreshing the soul of man and beast

Yet like anger it brings floods & torrents

Which sweep everything away indiscriminately.


Shallow waters can be deceptive

Like people who appear calm and inviting

Yet deeper lurk hidden perils

Often found too late to avoid.


Basking in the warmth of tropical rain

We take for granted its presence

Forgetting droughts can disfigure the land

Stopping growth like a soul stunted by ignorance.


We assume earth’s gifts are measureless

Despite a lack of care & appreciation

Just as we assume those we have neglected

Will always be there regardless.


A life force




                             Only the naïve believe earth’s resources are inexhaustible.


Divided from nature we will drown, united with nature we will swim eternally.

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