Bee and Bell(e) written by Robin Rich at

Bee And Bell(e)

bee and bell(e)

written by: Robin Rich



beat faster than the eye remembers the blur entangles
what would be limbs with washes of scent diffuse
and singing around 500hz
i whisper the harmony in your ear
you push a melody out of your
mouth on percussive fingering
windows wide are barred black against the apricot sky
light fading into drops of stars coruscate out the ink
hands blind intrusive ink dot pupils
that widen in the dark are
(when opened)
windows to flushing pink
behind dark black weeds
a devour of the compliance
somewhere an apian enters a bell flower
the bee suffers the lost light
the flower the resonance



Inspired by a haiku by Japaanese poet, Matsuo Basho (1644-94)

Robin Rich

Robin Rich

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