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written by: Silvana McGuire


Father Joseph proceeded to review the words which he had spent last morning crafting in praying and smiting with his tears. From his higher ground view, the crowd of mass attendees seemed vast as a distant beach, also blurred in one and the same vibrant dance of the tides. The irony did not escape him.
He would like this to be a ceremony of passing as any other, people die in their old age but this, this was not how things were meant to be. The quake had made everything different. They now gathered to pray for the many families who would never be able to bury their loved ones because they were, simply, gone. The tsunami had taken them all in one interminable tide. This was their first reunion since that day.
He started his homily which echoed from across the nave to silence those still whispering and shushed parents and toddlers alike.
“I have prayed for inspiration for today’s delivery. I had sought to have answers for you. For us all. I received an answer that made my heart lighter. I hope the answer will do the same for many of you. I asked God – Why? Here is the answer I put to paper:
‘For you, my dearest child, this world was created. Fear not, doubt not, envy not, and despair not. For all the creatures of this Universe and others, all the existence under this Sun and other dimensions, all of these, I created for you and Me with love and attention like never, before, witnessed, anywhere, anytime.
I am here in awe of each one of your smiles and your smallest, faintest, teardrop enraptures Me as a full moon spell cast upon a small kitten.
Even as your eyes tell you a tale of many sorrows, this I tell you: yours is not, ever, a painful and suffering destiny for I am your destiny and in that path all there is and that ever was, my beloved child, is Our love.
When your path leads you away from Earth and back to Me oh! I rejoice and beam and embrace you as any loving parent does when their children come home.
That life on Earth seems apart from life in the Heavens is a mystery I will explain another time. Leaving you in sorrow and pain is not Our plan today.
I am thus reminded of Our plan for this season. A plan we had drawn together eons ago by which We would be reunited in due time.
As life on Earth develops you will attest that life in Heaven does not seem possible, real or attainable. You spend your days in toil, spend your nights in dreams and distractions.
It is not in happiness and times of bounty that most people seek Me. I am your shelter in trying times. You remain blind to me in happy times. Which is, alas, most of the time.
We agreed that, from time to time, I would strike your hearts and help you remember the path. We agreed that I would nudge your spirit back into the original shape I delivered you to this Earth. We agreed that, in sorrow, your heart, mind, and soul would seek Me and find Me waiting with open arms.
That has been the path we designed, together, and well before you were in agreement to come down and start your Earthly life-cycle.
My heart weeps with you as you can’t remember any of this… My heart revolts at the distance, the separateness, the apparent meaninglessness of it all.
I am today inviting you to change this covenant.
A new trust between us shall we forge.
Let us – together – embark on this journey and a new life for you create, voided of sorrow and fear and doubts and obstacles.
Let us all – together – bring forth the Universe to your doorsteps.
The life as you had designed, dreamed and hoped for but which eluded you thus far I now declare will come to pass.
I bring you, now, Heavens down to Earth, just because We say so.
Be prepared to enjoy the end of sorrow. The absence of tears, your worries, and concerns a vanishing act. Now.
I bring Us down from Heaven so that each man learns of Our presence, Our absolute power, the ability to heal, revive and multiply.
Together, as partners, We shall dazzle each other with Our accomplishments and never again endure separateness. We are one and have always been one, forever We shall remain one.’”
Father Joseph took appraisal of his flock. His only wish was for those words to come to pass.

Silvana McGuire

Silvana McGuire

Silvana McGuire é uma escritora de contos em prosa e verso. Seu trabalho foi publicado por Spillwords e várias outras revistas online. Outras de suas estórias e versos estão publicadas em livros distribuídos pela Clarendon House Publication.
Silvana McGuire

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