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Let Us Re-Commit Again

Let Us Re-Commit Again

written by: Sham Kumar Monger



Let us re-commit again
Replaying the enlivening stound
In our love-pervaded mind and essence
Altering the present to the past

Let us erase the no later than incidents
And reconvene to reaffirm our love
Alike what we had by, so endearing
And not fall out again by frivolous dissension

You reminisce that golden twilights and the silvery nights
We sat under the willow tree
Ornamented by the absorbing daisies
And no exception of killer beauty of roses

The feelings we poured upon each other
The oft furnishing flowery smiles that you inheld
The soothing steven and the tender tactile
Acted as the narcotic to the despondent me

You were mine crush until you appraise
The shuddering heart scrawled the enamored epistle
Solicitous and anxiously holding mine breath for riposte
And yes it got fervent to perceive your sanction

The embraces and the countless kisses of ours
Let us bring in anew obliterating the painful recalls
Let us focus on the happiest memoirs; unforgettable
Let’s sow deep into our hearts which never bites the dust

Obviate the painful parting that we cried
And dripped the incalculable tears I espy on your eyes
Let us utterly bypass the dolesome affliction
Let’s re-alive bethinking basically the twee memoirs

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