Visions of The Rose, poetry by Shaun Mellish at
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Visions of The Rose

Visions of The Rose

written by: Shaun Mellish



Velvet colours of serene beauty
Incarnate in our mortal duty
Sign of better things to come
Intransigent, to the beat of the drum
Onward, forward, marching strong
Nihilistic thoughts lost in song
Singing of our lives back home
Of better times, “but when in Rome “
For now, it’s hell, death and slaughter
To free the world and save our daughters
Hades gates are flung a wide
Eternal damnation awaits those inside
Reveal the rose, in a vision so pure
Observing in silence, you no longer endure
So peaceful now, you lay down to die
Ethereal petals rain down from the sky

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