Footprints, poetry by Shaun Mellish at
Ralph Nas



written by: Shaun Mellish



A ghost may leave a footprint
Washed by the day’s fresh dew
A ghost is in a memory
Speaking straight to you

That date, that skirt, the meal, those lips, that kiss, her eyes, her hair

The wedding, the dress, that night, the bed, the lights, the glow, the care

A ghost may leave a footprint
Like an imprint in the sand
Washed away too quickly
In a memory, it will stand

That date, the shirt, those shoes, his smile, those eyes, his smell, that kiss

The wedding, that suit, the walk, the dance, that touch, his breath, the bliss

A ghost may leave a footprint
A damp patch by the door
A beacon in a memory
It will tell you so much more

Those eyes, that nose, the ears, those paws, the tail, that bark, the sticks

That walk, the run, the ball, the bones, the love, the joy, the licks

A ghost does leave a footprint
Left forever in your heart
A memory cast forever
To ease while you’re apart

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