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written by: Edward McCloud


Keep a fire burning
For soon I’ll be returning
From my journey on the sea.
Through fog and freezing rain;
Struggling, searching, feeling pain –
Hoping you are waiting still for me.

Burn a candle in the window.
Put it where I’ll see it glow
A soft and yellow warm.
Signal where I’ll find our nest.
Lighten where I can find my rest
And refuge from the storm.

Put an oak log on the fire.
Make the air a little drier.
God! I miss you.
Keep the light in your bright eyes.
Surely as you watch the gray smoke rise,
Know I long to kiss you.

Lonely tears are my chains and fetters.
I’ve sent a thousand lost love letters
Upon the ocean’s foam.
I pray the times we’ve spent together
Can stand Neptune’s foulest weather
And bring me safely home.

Keep your search light sweeping
And don’t let me catch you weeping
When we first embrace again.
It’s just a lonely job upon me
As I try to chart the cosmic sea.
Know it’s wrecked far greater men.

Forever I am bound to search the inner mind,
Few would be a partner to my kind.
When I drift in solitude
Just knowing that you’re my wife
Steadies me on this voyage called life
And I caress your vigil with great gratitude.

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