Trust In Tears written by NNANE NTUBE at

Trust In Tears

Trust In Tears

written by: NNANE NTUBE



If you say you love me
Why then did you let me go?
Why did you caress me
And make my heart beat faster than

You should have told me the truth
You shouldn’t have let me fall
I fell real hard
I fell head over heels for you

Now you are here to beg?
Who did you keep to wipe my fallen
Who did you assign to lend a shoulder to me
when I badly needed it?
Though in tears, I still loved and trusted you

What should I do now?
I would be glad to take you back
But if I do,
I’ll be trusting in tears.



The poem is inspired from day-to-day relationship we have with others.

Nnane Ntube

Nnane Ntube

Nnane Ntube hails from Cameroon. She is a teacher of English and French Languages. She holds a B.A in English Language and a B.A in Bilingual Studies obtained from the University of Yaounde 1. Nnane also has a diploma in Bilingual letters (English and French) obtained from the Higher Teacher's Training College, Yaounde. She is a youth envoy for peace and democracy. Her poems have featured in many online magazines, journals and international anthologies. Nnane believes in using poetry to advocate for change.
Nnane Ntube

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