Pursuit of Parody, a poem by Ken Gosse at Spillwords.com
Mykhailo Kopyt

Pursuit of Parody

Pursuit of Parody

written by: Ken Gosse


Parody may be the best place to start
for folks with assumptions that they’re pretty smart
and can have wayward ways with their snarkishly art
but who can’t write the whole, so they only write part.

When borrowing words from another one’s soul
then adding your own to the mix in the bowl
of another’s repast, you take over control
and you’re staking a claim which demands its full toll.

As for me, I would never condone such pretenses:
I cite every source and deny all offenses
while others poke fun at the nature of fences
yet build stronger walls to secure their defenses.

When using another’s, I want no remorse
so I seek for my source those with little recourse—
long deceased or anon, I peruse each resource
to confirm full permission without their discourse.

The planning I use seems to work fairly well;
my intentions won’t reach the eighth circle of Hell.
To do or to not, it’s my hope that they sell
to the rhyme and the chime of a register’s bell.

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