If We, poetry by KJ Hannah Greenberg at Spillwords.com
Anna Shvets

If We

If We

written by: KJ Hannah Greenberg


If we are large women,
If we are slight girls,
If we’ve short, straight hair,
Or long hair with curls.
If we’ve firm, spry breasts,
Or small ones, or flat,
If we have smooth stomachs,
Or ones cute with fat.

If we are black or white,
Or brown or golden tan,
If we love young men, nights,
Or bed with women.
If we wear eyeglasses,
Or need slick wheelchairs,
If we choose soft sweaters,
Or choose to march bare.

If we jump in our classes,
Or sit on the floor,
If we dress for success,
Or dress like we’re more.
If we sing and dance,
Or carouse with the wind,
If we choose to romance,
Or find joy within.

If we are the mothers,
The daughters, the wives,
If we claim our power,
Then we claim our lives!
Our bodies, ourselves,
Are gracious and strong.
Our bodies, ourselves,
Are wisdom and song.
Our bodies, ourselves,
Are precious, are bold.
Our bodies, ourselves,
Are wonders… behold!

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