Cereal Box Prize, poetry by KJ Hannah Greenberg at Spillwords.com
Samantha Gades

Cereal Box Prize

Cereal Box Prize

written by: KJ Hannah Greenberg



Queen’s collar, maybe, else, a fine lady’s property.
Could be tribal war beads, a warlock’s magic band.
Mommy’s holiday splendor, cousin’s earned award.
The sheik’s reward, relic of African diamond mines.
Bride’s endowment, my ceramic teacher’s creation.
Grandma’s best ornament, ill-gotten toy store gains.
New Age hula garland, actress’ principal wardrobe.

Office dress requirement, perhaps, a friend’s trophy.
Traded for twelve wrappers, swashbuckler’s gems.
Dropped by angels, mayhap a jeweler’s commodity.
Left behind on the school bus, spacemen’s nuggets.
3D printed rodeo plunder, possibly swan’s diadem.
Bird’s nest warp, road litter weave, crystal treasure
Yet, simply, the ribbon as found in my cereal box.

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