Ode To The Unknown, poetry by Dacious Kasoka at Spillwords.com
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Ode To The Unknown

Ode To the Unknown

written by: Dacious Kasoka


Tonight, I see it again,
warm & naked.

It is bright & yellow like
the lights drip off

from the softness of my

Whatever it is, it stares at
me & I can’t bring to mind

the fire in its eyes nor
yet the sweetness of

poetry in its voice.

Dacious Kasoka

Dacious Kasoka

Dacious Kasoka also known as “Loner Pen” was born on the 19th of August, 2000 in Lusaka, Zambia, the first born, alias “Loner Pen” was born. He is a Best Of The Net nominee. He writes from his room in Lusaka. His poems have been published & are forthcoming in Writers Space Africa Magazine, World Voices magazine, Agape Review, Arts Lounge magazine, The Kalahari Review, Spillwords Press, OBBLTR magazine & elsewhere.
Dacious Kasoka

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