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Mountain Soul

Mountain Soul

written by: Robin McNamara



In the space between the nights
where shadows darken my destiny
a woman in her 40s looks to
the skies for an identity where
the night is glass, with a reflection
of her past, where the darkness
welcomes moon’s light.

She wears another skin and bears
another name that turns eyes away
from the past, where a love couldn’t last.

She has grown her soul in the forest —
she is the tree that I cannot climb.
I have formed my identity under her
rain and under the shelter of her faith.

Now I wait upon her arrival
in the mountain of my soul —
where the raging lies, as she lays
her head upon the stone of my heart.

There is a devil in the tempest
that blackens clouds and strengthens
the wind— it is not our friend.

Across the cliff lays an abyss where
even gods, have perished in purgatory,
but she comes with her mountain soul:
like an Angel to make me safe.

I kiss her dewy, soft lips. Her lilac breath:
I surrender to, as thunder rolls the dice
of anger across the valley.

We are enfolded into the mountain
to become one. Our bodies intertwined
like vines in the rainforest with the stars
of Orion above us.

We are moulded into a memory under
summer moon. The river of her mountain
soul flows freely during monsoon season.



A poem about finding your identity in life. You have to climb many mountains before your get to your destiny in life. This poem is inspired by the beauty of a Malaysian flower. Long may she continue to bloom.

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