Torn Away, a poem by Robin McNamara at
Kunj Parekh

Torn Away

Torn Away

written by: Robin McNamara



I was torn by the wage
which tore me away
from the page. Moonshine white
paled across the face of the muse
I use for inspiración.
Mi Amore, I adore your milky skin
and wide porcelain eyes that shatter
with tears. This fucking love.
Torn away.
The curve of the earth
Her beautiful hips as wide
as the continent that separates us.

Your moon is my sun.
Your morning is my night
a plateau away across waters
that will never quench my thirst.
A handful of sand in my palm
its grains slipping through my fingers,
like Father Time reminding me
of the essence of time.
You’re a sin worth repeating
for the sweet delight of a lover’s life.
O, the religion of you, the religion of you.

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