Planting, a poem by Robin McNamara at
Kelly Sikkema



written by: Robin McNamara



In the fields
with your furrowed walk
The beanstalks grown
under the Mississippi sun

The sway of them in southern breeze
Planted with weather-worn fingers
and sinewy arms tanned
from the harsh noon

Time’s essential hours
for them planting
sacred like the good Lord’s Prayer
on a Sunday rest

This isn’t no Mark Twain story
but one of hard work and no time for books
by the swollen river with mouths to feed
Sweet scent of lemongrass and black-eyed peas

in the stove and them sweet potatoes
stir the nostrils with appetite
on Sunday, rest before
the dusky night lingering on the veranda
gives way to God’s new dawn
and them go planting again.



This poem is loosely inspired by Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. About a journey down the Mississippi River.

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