Monrovia, poetry written by Edwin Olu Bestman at



written by: Edwin Olu Bestman


The signboard reads ‘Welcome to Monrovia’
But you’re entering her premise unto your own risk
While electricity embrace you at every intersection
In her own corner, mosquitoes sit from afar and set the dance step

She walks and crawls in double exclamation marks
Lips are wrapped up with beautiful lies referring to it as ‘Testimonies’
Skin has lost its pigment because of industrial looting and corruption
Her heart is an apple bitten by several strangers

This is Monrovia – a place where dreams die at the shores of reality
Grown men and women hustle hard but resurrection wears the coat of death ears
Her hips are badly wounded with worn-out tires because of bad road conditions
Her eyes are made of several light bulbs yet she’s still undergoing colour blindness

Eleven stripes representing eleven powerful women
But her body is a playground for legislathiefs, executhiefs and judiciathiefs
Sexual violence arrives in flying colours to uproar society
Her leaders clapped perfectly applauding unworthy soldiers

This is Monrovia – a place where there is no justice for the poor
But there’s justice for the rich because of bribery
Lawmakers are lawbreakers, bypassing her constitution wonderfully on a daily basis
Sadly, her charming legs are bridges over trouble waters

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