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This is My Home

This is My Home

written by: Maria Dulce Leitão Reis


I know a place,
full of dream and sweetness
dripping honey.
I dressed the mountains in blue,
with agapanthus
nemophila and lobelias,
which wear silver
with the arrival of snow.
There are rivers, streams
bordered with pennyroyals
and freshwater springs,
where at night
the elves and the goblins
are going to bathe.
There are fluffy clouds
where the birdies
In little jumps
they are going to date.
The rain
falls in fine pearls
enriching the pastures
where the cows
in the morning they will graze.

Here everything grows
and proliferates,
even my heart
to withstand the wild side.
Some people smile
while strolling
with the same attitude
as if they were in paradise.
There are the others
around their neck a scarf…

I move away from them
don’t match me.
In the hands,
they’ve got the thorns
In mine, I keep the roses.
I’m here
for whatever comes and goes!

I love this place
because this is where I belong.
This is my home…
Today I dressed the mountains in blue
Tomorrow it can be yellow or pink
I see things
whatever colour I want!

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