All Things Raw, a poem by Dr. Nikhat Bano at

All Things Raw

All Things Raw

written by: Dr. Nikhat Bano


A love so raw yet so refined
a charm so vague yet so defined;
Saw a damsel roaming in the wild
rustic outwardly, inwardly a child.

A young bride clad in a red trousseau,
her modesty peeping through her arched brow;
In that arid land she was a floating spring,
proud to say, she was my prized finding.

“I know my gaze amazes you.” She once sighed.
“And the kohl of my eyes gives you sleepless nights.”
“The tinkles of my anklet bells
and my bangles’ trill,
have all chained you and revolted against your will.”

More she confided, “My home is this vast wasteland,
here I live with my man though weird, yet grand.”
“In seclusion we’ve solemnized our union, O’ Stranger!”
“Me and my solitude wander around together.”

“For me my co-traveller spins a dream every night,
together we strive to finish a journey of lack and might”,
“Having sand beneath our feet and stars above heads,
we cherish our lives of bedouinism and its trends.”

“By tying an unseen string with me, you’ve proven yourself to me,”
“O Visitor! you’ve chosen an untread path to reach up to me.”
“I’m amazed that I’m desiring a thing of this desirous world”,
“O Visitor! You’ll remain in my heart even in my after world.”

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