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When Life Moves Us

When Life Moves Us

written by: Maria Dulce Leitão Reis


The sea, in my eyes,
will always be beautiful.
The waves
when they fall apart in the sand
they are always a treat.
I like this burst of beauty!

I lived so many years by the sea
and because I like the sea a lot,
I devalued.
Why have I devalued?
because I knew
that he would always be there for me
but I forgot that I’m a pawn
on the chessboard of life.
Today I know, we must not postpone
what we can do
nor devalue.
I could have gone to the sea more often
and I didn’t.
However, half an hour
it wouldn’t have made a difference to me.
I said to myself,
I don’t feel like going today,
I’ll go tomorrow.
and tomorrow arrived
and the same thing happened.
I took the sea for granted,
he would always be there,
for when I feel like it,
but life goes around and moves us
and the place where she put me
there is no sea.
Now I miss him.
I no longer see the sea from my garden,
I no longer cross the road
and that’s it
I’m already at the beach!

Do you see what I mean?
Do you see the analogy with people?
We only value when we lose!

Don’t leave it for tomorrow,
don’t put it off
Whether for convenience, laziness,
whatever the reason.
If you can do it, do it.
You may not have another chance,
and so, start today.
Pamper, kiss, hug, give yourself, love.
every day of the year,
because only love fills us
and fills us with happiness!

When life moves you,
you will not regret what you didn’t do!

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