MASQUERADE OF LIES written by Aida at



written by: Aida


Why you wear a mask?
Reveal your true color,
or you’re afraid of your jurors.
You’re full of pretense and scared
of your own fabrication.

Yes, I’m a great leader you adore,
inside me is full of falsification and distortion. The reason why I wear a mask
is to cover my true identity. You
will hate me if I’m not wearing a mask.

A selfish act of maneuvering my power
to greediness because of my vested interest in growing my own illegal business. You won’t believe it, don’t you?
Nice, because, I can fool with a mask on.

You see me face to face with no
alterations but you’ll be surprised,
when I take it off, a money
grubbing predator, greedy of its prey.
Yes, that’s me your highly glorified

There’s no need to reveal my true face,
every one of my staff, learned to wear a mask. Are you wearing a mask too?
Why are you wearing it too..
Does it help you cover up your lies?





Aida G. Roque, a Sped Teacher in Maryland, moved and retired in Delaware, USA. A bilingual poet/ writer hailed from the Philippines and presently residing in the USA. Published a total of 4 children’s books and 3 Collections of Poetry. An international poet and a recipient of numerous global awards, she co-authored anthology with other poets, worldwide. Her poems were published by Spillwords NY. USA, Poem Hunter, USA, All Poetry International Society and Poetrysoup, USA.

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