Spring in Wings, poetry written by Aida at

Spring in Wings

Spring in Wings written by: Aida   Spring sprung like butterfly wings flapping its wings from flowers to flowers, she pleases to win. The sweet necta...
SILENT TORTURE, poetry written by Aida at


SILENT TORTURE written by: Aida   Deafening silence echoes through the land, raped by catastrophic disturbances. Vibrating from a deep dark tunnel of...
Our Love Song, a micropoem by Aida at

Our Love Song

Our Love Song written by: Aida   Nostalgic moments sparks when two lovers, played their love song. Heart beats, in fluctuations of tempo, enticed, lo...
Slaves, a poem written by Aida, a retired teacher, at


Slaves written by: Aida   The horrendous tale that left, a massive scar, pierced deeper, into her soul Embedded, forever in her heart. So many sleepl...
Crystal Hymen, micropoetry written by Aida at

Crystal Hymen

Crystal Hymen written by: Aida   Early morning dew drops, has soaked labial skeletal overnight. fragile crystal, virginal petals broke, made the crys...
Yearning, poetry written by Aida, a retired school teacher at


Yearning written by: Aida   It was summer, when our eyes met. The love, blossomed and a promised, curve on an old tree. We bid adieu in Autumn, exch...


Retired Special education school teacher in Public school. After I became disabled, I became passionate with prose and poetry as therapy. I published children’s books and anthologies with group of poets. I even joined 24 hours challenge writing poetry with prompt every hour.