Blue Skies, a poem written by Aida at

Blue Skies

Blue Skies

written by: Aida


Magnificent in the shade of blue and white,
meek and mellow like an innocent lamb
as an offering to God, dress in pure white.
You are a captivating beauty, blue sky,
why, do I always stare at you.

You’re the pedestal of a royal highness,
guarding the paradise gate, endlessly.
Flawing with calmness and suddenly
mood changes into furious clouds,
a thunderstorm, other clouds form.

Cumulus, the humble clouds, you’re the
accumulation of softness, kind heart.
Nimbus, you’re a radiant cloud of glory
and a shoulder, ready to cry on and
Cirrus are friendly, always fair weather.

When I am sad and blue, I always look
at you, my constant pal from the time
you’re dressed up in baby blue and change
to a romantic black hue, with sparkling
stars, to cheer up people, gazing so blue.

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