Death, a poem written by Massayan Favor Kollie at
Oluwatoyin Adedokun



written by: Massayan Favor Kollie



Death meets you unaware;
He catches you unprepared and
He greets you anywhere

He comes with terror of darkness;
He appears in a gown of horror and blackness;
He locks us up in cages of sadness

Yet, he’s coming for everybody;
Not somebody,
But anybody

Death has no mercy;
His burdens are heavy and
Still, he’s in a hurry to weary another soul

But he takes the body, not the spirit;
He takes the physical, not the legacy;
He takes the man, not the history

Massayan Favor Kollie

Massayan Favor Kollie

I’m a young innovative and motivational writer who studies Civil Engineering at the University of Stella Maris Polytechnic Monrovia, Liberia, but I’ve never allowed my career to separate me from the passion I have for writing. I always allow the pen to bleed and let my ideas flow and reach the entire world. I hope to one day be recorded in the Guinness Book Of Records.
Massayan Favor Kollie

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