They Shoot Poets, Don't They? a poem by David R Mellor at
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They Shoot Poets, Don’t They?

They Shoot Poets, Don’t They?

written by: David R Mellor


For the poet Abdullah Atefi killed by the Taliban, and those left in fear


He never thought he’d be killed
By words
That freely come to your mind

Took for granted
That his thoughts could run free,
Across the city
Climb up mountains
And settle on the land

Then one night…
He was dragged out of his bed
And shot in the head

Because the stench of death
Has run riot in the streets
The Taliban snuffing out
Anyone who thinks

The pen was with him
The notebook ready to explode
With his words

But like many to come
The soul will be snuffed out
And words will flood out
Like blood across the land

A stain…

The silence from your pen
Is also the same

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