Why I Sell Plastic Bags, poetry by Massayan Kollie at Spillwords.com
Melvin Ankrah

Why I Sell Plastic Bags

Why I Sell Plastic Bags

written by: Massayan Favor Kollie



I sell plastic because my parents died in a terrible accident
Two years later, my only brother got killed in a violent incident
I was left with nothing but to struggle all day just for a cent

With pain in my heart, I sell plastic because I want to go to school and
Tears running down my cheeks, I sell because I’ve been used as a tool
I sell plastic because I’ve been ridiculed and misruled

Please don’t insult me when I’m selling
Please don’t assault me when I’m screaming
Please feel the pain of a young child looking for a living

Please buy my plastic the next time you see me and
Remember, I’m only a child looking for school fees
Even though I’m in agony, I won’t stop until I earn a degree

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