Mysterious Fireflies, poetry written by Aida at

Mysterious Fireflies

Mysterious Fireflies

written by: Aida


After dark, the sky lights up,
and twinkle with delights…
freely hovering to lighten
up a blinded paths and guide
a stranger, lost in the dark.

Fireflies, Fireflies, come
and illumine the gloomy night.
Children waiting to catch a glimpse
of your wings that provide soft
intermittent light.

Will you stop by and look into
my eyes. Refrain from swinging
around, let’s talk for awhile.
I’m alone in the dark, will
you drop by and be at my side.

Will you rest on my hands, when
you’re tired to fly and cradle you
with my lullaby. I’ll take you home
to watch your shimmering flame
at night.

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