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Living At The Moment

Living At The Moment

written by: Aida


Morning has broken
my heart is praising
sunbeams are beaming,
brightly screaming for a
new day of living at the

Sunrise is glowing,
while birds are chirping,
flowers are blooming,
breezy wind, twirling for
a new day, enjoying the

Listen to the rivers flowing
on big boulders, squeezing.
Bubbling and sparkling with
joy, forming tiny ripples of song,
cascading, simply mesmerizing,
while living at the moment.

Morning has broken…
Floppy white clouds parting.
Sun smiling, a day of greetings,
children start dancing
while cool breeze, blowing…
Yes, I’m living at the moment.

Whispering wind, so enticing.
colorful kite flying, so inviting.
A time to enjoy the freedom
it brings. And the current air
of the north wind, exhilarating,
while living at the moment.

Air filled with life’s beginning,
oxygen of peace, we’re breathing.
Happy hearts falling in love,
weaving God’s grace for a
wonderful new day culminating
my beautiful day at the moment.

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