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written by: Gazali Ganiyu Opeyemi



He is loving, caring and supportive,
But life alighted with something assertive,
It crouched to destroy the glistening surface,
Of my heart, and left a stream on my face.

It was a tragic event,
Losing two precious things in a single day,
My first and only fruit, who was eight,
And my heart, which supports my breathing every day.

Someone said that God should at least leave one,
Nevertheless, it is still a wound,
A man I spent years before I won,
Or a child I got through ICSI, what a wound!

Suicide was all I thought,
As a solution, I was hurt.
Why can’t we all die together?
Maybe we could also find a place in heaven to gather.

My shattered spirit roamed about the broken wall of my body.
My heated head is hotter than my kitchen’s oven.
No one is ready to be my heaven,
I was like this throughout twenty-eleven (2011)

I’m not a Phoenix that could easily rise from ash,
I went back to being a trash,
Life was like a brouhaha,
Without exaggeration, people were emotional saying Ha! Ha!

They pity my abode, set ablaze,
From there, I pick a race.
Till when will I keep dwelling in cobwebs of sorrow?
I embrace my fear and kill it with an arrow.

I started the journey from zero,
Again, aimed to be a female hero,
I found a way to leave the oven,
And opted for the pleasant heaven.

Survival was so tough,
But I also stand strong,
Poverty will teach you how to solve,
Your problems, unless you feed on dung.

It is nice that I learned to be positive,
And migrated away from negative,
I started gradually, from grass,
Thankfully, it led me to grace.

The night became my companion,
The day could bear my witnesses,
24 hours wasn’t enough to become a union,
With the wealth which I lost in excess.

With the help of God,
What can’t be achieved?
My efforts were acknowledged,
And God raised me again like a Phoenix.

To the broken soul,
With God nothing is impossible.

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