A Goblins View, a poem by Bev Muendel-Atherstone at Spillwords.com

A Goblin’s View

A Goblin’s View

written by: Bev Muendel-Atherstone


We are the ghosts and goblins,
who around your brain still creep,
We manifest in daylight,
As well as while you sleep.

With eyeballs sorely bloodshot,
And fingers lank and sleek,
We hover as your shudder,
And through the shadows peek.

Your Shrink says we aren’t real,
But how would they ever know,
When it takes imagination,
To see our viridescent glow.

We hide among your feelings,
In memories we burst full,
And bob along the ceiling,
Wafting pale as an old skull.

Now you might want to query,
What makes us do this ill?
Why must you frighten people?
Why do we seek this thrill?

Once, we were fully bodied,
And lived upon this earth;
Like other happy children,
We giggled in our mirth.

But our parents feared the evil,
Of those trick or treating ways,
And forbade us wearing costumes,
Of ghouls and ghosts always.

So now we spend eternity,
Scare kindly human folk,
‘Cause we’re just pined for outfits,
Like Batman with his cloak.

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