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Oh Love Is

Oh Love Is

written by: Don Knowles



Ohh love is such an encompassing thing
The joys and the sorrows one emotion can bring
A sense of completion
A feeling of doubt
A momentous moment
That’s what it’s about
Ohh love is such an all encompassing thing
The laughter and tears it’s promised to bring
The knowledge of caring
The lack of concern
It’s to both of actors how they will discern
what love is about
Ohh love is such a mysterious story
The triumph and disasters the feeling of glory
You know at first sight
Or that last kiss goodbye
Loves always present in each persons eyes
That’s what it’s all about
Oh love you are life I have no more doubt
I’ve come to that conclusion with much tossing about
My slumbers have patiently been delayed by these ponders
Awake or asleep  much I have wondered
Will you come back to my chamber tonight
Will you knock on my door at twilight
This is what knowing what love is for
Ohhh love, ohh love, ohhh life filled with love
I’ll whisper and yell at the stars up above
Your meaning your measure
Priceless feelings of worth
No other emotion is with you from birth
Life is about love
Oh love is such an encompassing thing
Once you have felt it
Have flinched from its sting
Love you are the moth
I now am your flame
This role reversal is no fool hearty game
I have tried love the other way
My wings were singed
But not today
I will wait for you to come back to me
No contempt for this reality
And in my turn and in my time
Love will come back to me
Because that
What love is all about



Just spreading the Love…

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