Halloween, a poem written by Richard Leach at Spillwords.com


written by: Richard Leach


The witches swoop around all night
Giving everyone below a fright
Upon their broomsticks in full flight
Underneath the pale moonlight.

They cast their spells and laugh with glee
As in sheer terror people flee
But ‘Zap!’ are turned to warty frogs,
Or beetles, bats, or yappy dogs.

The green-skinned hags in pointy hats
Then gorge themselves on baby rats
And dance around the graveyard grounds,
Their wickedness just knows no bounds.

And all the while the moon looks down
And can’t conceal its troubled frown
As the evil ladies of the night
Cavort and scream with great delight.

So lock your doors and stay inside,
Climb in the cupboards, try to hide.
Don’t make a sound, quiet as a mouse,
For now they’re coming to your house!

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