Quarantine Attraction, commentary by Annalyn Neo Celeste
Ekaterina Belinskaya

Quarantine Attraction

Quarantine Attraction

written by: Annalyn Neo Celeste



The worst thing about parallel parking is having witnesses. There is no other option but to keep trying or better go elsewhere. Being such a certified stubborn, traffic behind me started piling up, but I’m no quitter so I choose to stand my ground. Turning the steering wheel to try once again, a 6 ft. tall, good-looking man in uniform suddenly came. As I lowered the car window to my dismay, uttering words to myself “Here we go again Ann, here we go again!” Yet, my spontaneous eyes can’t help but fixate on the perfect figure that just walked into my car door.

Expecting that I will be reprimanded again for not wearing a face mask or any other sort of violation, instead, he came closer to me and said “Good morning beautiful! Let me park it for you”. I was stunned. I was embarrassed and I don’t know why, but I also get a little excited at the same time. So I unlocked my car door, he considerately opened it for me. Flaunting his enticing sweet smile, he gently extends his hand as he tried to support me while I’m coming out of the car. I tried to hide my stares but I couldn’t help to examine the man who is rescuing me from my vulnerability. Reaching on to his hand quickly while donning on my red stiletto on my right foot, I swiftly lost my balance and landed into his broad and sculpted chest. I almost lost all my senses with his woody aquatic scent. As he carefully stayed still for me so I can get up from leaning onto him, I was astonished, with a twinkle in my eyes as I glance closely at his unmasked, clean-shaven, charming face. I can’t seem to figure out, did the world just stop? As I savor each moment, the cars started honking from behind, putting me back to my senses.

When I thought Chivalry is long dead, and the modern dating scene of swiping left/right continues as the new relationship norm, making romance so much more complicated.
I couldn’t help myself but wonder, where else can I un-parallel park?

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