Hideaway, poetry by Annalyn Neo Celeste at Spillwords.com
Ryan Young



written by: Annalyn Neo Celeste



From a far-flung corner
Pristine beauty lies beneath
Salty kisses upon my lips
Turquoise water caresses my feet

Flirts like a distant shore
Caters to the cravings of my soul
A collision down to the ocean floor
Dreams, fantasies, and desires pour

Hips and curves wanted to erupt
As glistening tanned bodies touched
Slit the screams out of my throat
Waves of subservience until I choke

The sky, the sand, and the sea
Witness of our crimes to be
With the 8th deadly sin we’ve committed
This zone shall remain secluded

Let this be our hideout
Our secret undervalued spot
Where nobody else can be
Except, you and me.

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