An Excursion With I, poetry by Vandana Saxena at
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An Excursion With I

An Excursion With I

written by: Vandana Saxena



Weary of my mundane routine,
I stole a day from my own life
So much I longed for calm and silence
Weary of being a mom and wife

At the onset of the dawn, I packed my bag
And drove through the greens
To spend a day with me,
At the beach so serene

I stepped on the sand of butter gold
And caressed the soft ocean skin
The stems of light that drizzled on sleepy sea
Coaxed the dolphin to spread its fins

The day turned brighter,
Arc on horizon wore a yellow-lode aura
I found shade in the nearest shack
That held a wonderful plethora

A few beers down the throat
With mouth-watering fish curry
Inspired me to write this one
On an excursion so imaginary.

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