ONRYO II, poetry written by Annalyn Neo Celeste at Spillwords.com
Elina Krima



written by: Annalyn Neo Celeste



In the moonlight emerged a silhouette
Silence of the night, approaching footsteps
His eyes wander in every direction
Daunted, despair in search for salvation

Knock on his door, a lady appeared
No hesitation he stroke with spear
Body collapsed once it stuck her throat
Blood splatter oozes as his wife’s choked

Wife’s face was replaced with his past demon
No escape, No mercy, No use for weapon
It’s time for her to be the one to gloat
For revenge can never be rewrote

Devil’s laughter squealing in his ear
Quiver of fear, his final hours near



Darkness of terror around him abound
Thirst for justice climbs from the underground
She hastes to satisfy her pistol eyes
Music to her ears all screams and cries

Hair on his head and body ignites first
Fire devours him as he grinds in pain
Skin swell, began to bubble and burst
Sweeping his body like a hurricane

With his purple and swollen deformed face
Eye on hope for a rope comes in grace
Resigned, despondent extremely succumb
Beseeching how long does death take to come

Gasping one more might of breath from its cord
Last mooring to which his life is anchored



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