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Blink Of Life

Blink Of Life

written by: RhymeRula



Verse 1

The sky has its day, blinking lighting and roaring down thunder

to remind us that even though our days may seem grim

We have to try our best to allow peace of mind in

As I see the finish line so near and clear

I’m unable to cross as obstacles surprise me on my way there

accompanied by a reflex to blink as I hope for the outcome to become a win

but I’m just a man if I make bad decisions I understand there’s

No time to regret or change outcomes just for me

to finish faster to my path


Verse 2

Therefore, I’ll sit here not wanting to blink wishing to forever daydream

so you can notice the tears in my eyes swim

Half of the day has passed, the time to open doors is now

realizing it’s locked by unfinished prerequisites so I’m unable to access a move forward

Leaving a three – year community became a blur

remembering simpler times as I blink seeing myself now held hostage in a new institute

but I’ll never fret or sympathize for myself

because I’ll stamp my accomplishments

over my shortcomings

The pressure to finish on time loomed over my conscience

all my efforts were never flawless but I’ve always been very detailed

as I write down my last collaborative synopsis for now


Verse 3

You have to live through adversity to feel it

if not you wouldn’t get it or understand

why I see all these dilemmas form into a roadblock

The break is over a new beginning inevitably occurs as I find

the surge to write every stanza with purpose

Even though I’m temporarily withdrawn from the war

I’ll always remain a stanza soldier© finding the relentless strength

to stare down pages and salute it with an objective to finish a mission

Certain actions are involuntary such as a blink

So always remain cautious and ready for unforeseen circumstances

With every blink the situation

regains focus so the big picture is clearer

for me to find alternative outlets as I adjust to make my reintroduction

to a situation I left

I once befriended a girl before tested would start to doubt herself

Even though smart and pretty her mind was crowded with negative results as I studied her psyche

passing on by as I blinked to the next thought of possibly not seeing her again

but hey all I know is that I’ll try my best to

see another day as I blink adapting to a soaring sunrise

for it’ll be no surprise that I’ll return

to a place where I’ll keep on blinking but will stay alert this time

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