Stay Deep, poetry written by RhymeRula at Spillwords.com

Stay Deep

Stay Deep written by: RhymeRula @IamtheRhymeRula   I can hear simpletons argue at the surface level They’ve become accustomed to systematic deceptio...
Venture, poetry written by RhymeRula at Spillwords.com


Venture written by: RhymeRula @IamtheRhymeRula   Listen to that sweet chorus beyond this world Only paradise can cleanse the past, Heavy footst...
Absence, poetry written by RhymeRula at Spillwords.com


Absence written by: RhymeRula @IamtheRhymeRula   I'm trying my best to brace myself from sinking into a black hole of regret Acknowledging your...
Nest written by RhymeRula at Spillwords.com


Nest written by: RhymeRula @IamtheRhymeRula   A family of birds in a nest hush hush hush City streets a conversation is underway! Rising every ...


I find words are my specialty and it has been ever since I took a creative writing class when I was attending community college. I perceive poetry as strength of mine and it allows me to be creative off the cuff sometimes without even writing anything down and that’s why I find it a pleasurable hobby. I create poems out of topics that spontaneously come into my mind, and I think it’s helped me not only become efficient with my writing but getting my point across. Anyways I digress if you’re into poetry and storytelling check out what I have to offer and hopefully it’ll make you think, smile, or just appreciate this type of art.