A Horizon Help, poetry by RhymeRula at Spillwords.com
Karl Magnuson

A Horizon Help

A Horizon Help

written by: RhymeRula



The dawn began spreading faster and faster
Grasping a pen with hot fingers
Eyes radiating with focus
Staring at expressive hands
That wouldn’t relinquish determination
The sharp scrapping of his pen picking up strength
The sunrise horizon his muse
At first, the pen ran dry
But suddenly with much persistence
Words began pouring with great speed
Nothing to impede the message
Every stanza more exquisite than the last
Dark quivering thoughts painted on an old canvas
But with every passing minute
All the dark spaces illuminated like a series of matchsticks
All anger growing watery and blended with sudden liberation
Glutton for an intellectual feast
Nourished with a new disposition
Every word made his pupils dilate
The sunshine emanating on every corner of his page
He inhaled a cold draft of fresh air
Which brought forth a memory
Of a friend from the past
Restoring balance and confidence
To continue writing without inhibitions

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