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written by: RhymeRula



Listen to that sweet chorus beyond this world

Only paradise can cleanse the past,

Heavy footsteps sink into puddles,

Liquid to solid,

Surrendering our balance on life’s frozen booby traps

Settled in an unavoidable recurrence,

Singing birds embraced by all to witness

An artistic antidote to the gloom,

The lull of nightfall rain communicates

To me in murmurs of the future

All I ask for is this..

Placate my worries and remind of days

I would cruise down a concrete jungle carefree on my scooter,

Lonely hearts are forgotten fast

And things remain the same

Rivers flow softly

Struggles accompany every season

Sunshine beams greedy praise

Nature pours everlasting tears

Memories carried in ashes

The world continues to spin

but it’s too comfortable standing still,
We venture through life’s aisles ready for what’s in store

but not prepared for the finish line that always continues into another race

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