Walked To Death, poetry written by Ash Douglas at Spillwords.com
Alex Fu

Walked To Death

Walked To Death

written by: Ash Douglas



It was as midnight as midnight could be
that late, dogs cried at the moon
all the way down
as I followed you
straight to an early grave
not once knowing
ignorant, childish, wishing for my own home
we shared nothing
no words, not a glance, not even…presence
only fading footsteps in the rain
before you went to a place you felt you had to
regret I held in a subtle hello
maybe I would have turned it off
stood a final chance
and shooed the voice away from you
when lady death came teasing your ear?
there was no way I, me…
someone who would just threaten a made-up mind
compete that night
with deathly songs of teenage tragedy
singing you toward an infinite dark
by the tune of your own broken heart
stealing any lust left for tomorrow
I watched
as you walked toward the Bluest Oyster
never to see you again

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