Whispered Doubts, a poem by Jamie B at Spillwords.com

Whispered Doubts

Whispered Doubts

written by: Jamie B


In shadows cast by whispered doubts
There dwells a woman, fragile soul,
Her essence veiled in self-disdain
A captive to a relentless toll.

She walks a path bedecked with thorns and pain
Each step a weight upon her chest,
A symphony of inner demons,
Conspiring to deny her best.

Her eyes reflect a thousand fears,
Mirrors of a fractured self-esteem,
She questions worth with every glance,
Inferiority her constant theme.

She measures worth in others’ eyes
Seeking approval, never found.
Comparisons in cruel disguise,
A battleground where she’s bound.

Her talents, gifts, obscured by doubt
Shrouded by the cloak of “not enough,”
She fails to see her inner light,
Blinded by the shadows’ bluff.

She yearns for validation’s touch
A balm to soothe her wounded heart
Yet fails to grasp her own true worth,
Intrinsic value torn apart.

But deep within her spirit’s core,
A flicker of resilience glows,
A seed of strength seeks to emerge,
To banish darkness, life bestows.

For she is more than mere self-doubt,
A tapestry of dreams untold,
A universe of untapped might
A symphony waiting to unfold.

Her worth transcends what eyes can see,
Unfettered by society’s decree
A song unsung, a flower unbloomed,
A force within, forever free.

So let her shed the chains of doubt,
Embrace the truth that lies within,
For she is WORTHY she is WHOLE
A masterpiece of a life she’s lived
And many more great memories

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