THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT written by Phyllis P. Colucci at


written by: Phyllis P. Colucci



The Christmas Spirit! Can you hear it?
The Christmas Spirit! Can you see it?
The Christmas Spirit! Can you feel it?

You can hear it in the laughter of the children, in the snow
You can see it on the faces of the shoppers, all aglow
You can feel it through the shadows of the Yuletide, long ago

The sights and sounds of merriment bring mounds of Christmas cheer
The smells of scented pine cones travel far and near
Roasted chestnuts on New York corners crackle every year
As the Christmas Spirit lights the season while it visits here

Large wreaths adorn huge wooden doors of churches along the way
And nativities remind us of his birth on Christmas Day
His love will live within our hearts as we speak to him, and pray
In hopes the Christmas Spirit can settle where it may

The earth lies calm beneath the stars, while the heavens sing with joy
Special blessings come like fallen snow for every girl and boy
And the children dream with innocence of “that” one special toy
While God works wonders in their lives, in spiritual deploy

The spirit touches all of us with hands of purest gold
Our souls enriched and made anew; yes, both the young and old
Through melody and sacred hymn, we invite the truth be told
So the wings of Christmas Spirit may awaken and unfold

Embrace the magic of the light that transforms darkness – oh so bright
The birds, the deer, the snow so white,
greet the spirit through day, through night
Recognize that Christmas speaks through metaphor and essence,
projecting sacred images of spiritual presence
So can you hear it, can you see it, can you feel it too?
Just be aware of echoes – from the spirit within me and you.



The Christmas Spirit “speaks through metaphor and essence, projecting sacred images of spiritual presence”.   – We must recognize the signs of Christmas and the true meaning of the season. When the Spirit of Christmas comes knocking, seize the opportunity and allow it into your home, and into your life. Share the blessings.

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