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It’s Christmas Day

It’s Christmas Day

written by: Odonko-ba



It’s Christmas day
Oh what a beautiful day
To sing Christmas Carols
And watch the kids play

Open their presents and go
Crazy with joy
For Santa has delivered
Their favorite toys

Mom and Dad toast to
Success family and friends
To health and longevity
To Christmases again

Love is in the air and
felt by all
Even a Scrooge
As he sits all alone

Contemplating his journey
Loneliness his sojourn
For even the lonely
Around Christmas mourns

A knock at his door
Arouses his curiosity
He sits up straight and
Listens carefully

As tiny little voices started
To sing of a baby
A manger
And Jesus as King

He did not know why but
He gave ear and
Slowly to his surprise
Upon his countenance
A smile

And on that day all
Felt the power of love
Merry Christmas he shouted
Merry Christmas one and all.

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