Identity Versus Ego, poem by Kate MacDonald at
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Identity Versus Ego

Identity Versus Ego

written by: Kate MacDonald



Should I be intimidated by her air of superiority,
the elegance displayed in every line and limb?
She walks and talks with an ease of disposition,
while every movement is supple, pert and prim.

All aspects of her life are orchestrated, planned,
hair and makeup are immaculate, not daring to be less.
Each outfit is colour coordinated couture that hugs her form,
deceptive simplicity aimed unerringly towards success.

As I gaze into the eyes of my alter ego staring back,
only I can see the panic and confusion, trying to hide.
Can I pull it off again, convince myself, and then the world,
or will I teeter towards a fall, held up only by my pride?

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