Romantic Conspiracy, a poem by Aamir Shafat Khan at
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Romantic Conspiracy

Romantic Conspiracy

written by: Aamir Shafat Khan


There was red blood,
in the pink rose,
A romantic-conspiracy,
Hidden in its fragrance,
With the silver soot,
Of noon sunbeams,
Adored on the silk eyes,

It sharpened the daggers,
Of pointed thorn blades,
And hid them in the green silk,
Of thin moist cloaks,

I wear my nose,
in my pocket,
Blocking the caffeine of petals,
To turn my two nostrils,
In two flesh-coffins,
With the stinking corpses,
Of my young senses,
Resting inside,

I duped my star-eyes,
In two dark isles,
To hemper them see,
Golden-ashes over pink poison,

I hid my eager hands,
In the locker of the goldsmith,
To stop them,
From picking the petals,
And with the eager-blush lips,
Kiss the angel of death:

It would be heartbreak,
To have a slit throat,
With a petal-sword,
Laughing, on the fence,
Between the lean neck,
And princely head.

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