Carving His Name In Sand, written by Stanley Wilkin at

Carving His Name In Sand

Carving His Name In Sand

written by: Stanley Wilkin




He leant down
Quietly carving his name into the sand;
The pursuing waves,
Repeatedly rippling forward with
The force of a motorized modern army
Gunning down civilians,
Dragged it clean.

Flies loquaciously buzzed around his head,
As, crushing down seaweed,
He carved his name again.



The roots dug deep, pushing against
The soil. The particles spread apart
With sexless ardour. The man,
Of a tolerant disposition, wrenched
The roots free with drenched hands.
Nothing lasted forever.



The yellow and green of the sunrise
Turned swiftly into unpretentious browns
The light changing shape as the
Morning matured and the sun
Rose further in the sky. Pumped up
Clouds rolled sinuously along, combining and separating
Like fantastic amoeba.



And so it continued
Under the burning sun; more spiteful from year to year.
The man said nothing
As he climbed into the salt water,
Gulls circumnavigating above his head,
With nothing to say or remember
Except the lines in the sand.

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