O, This Midnight Halloween-Writ, poetry by Jim Bellamy at Spillwords.com
Annie Spratt

O, This Midnight Halloween-Writ

O, This Midnight Halloween-Writ

written by: Jim Bellamy


o, this midnight halloween-writ raises ghosts from water.
as we tread for bobbing hallowing blood, halloween devils under us
carries a sister’s tricky treater of topped turnip ghosts with
snakers of rotting apple-wytched bed-corpses.

this scarecrow road, as popped in head as stormers,
share deadening tricky-treated lips with a bedded lucifuge…

a winch of fallen gallowers sets alight to Guideo whilst
a warlocker of falons enmeddles man with vamp-hagglers,
& we dig for turniped scissor-wine when in bodies.

all-hallows-weave strides the scared mass where rain cuts
all-killers aside a strangled goblin-brawl with facelessness
entissuing All Hallows with wicked sweets and mindlessness?

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