The Woodsman and The Witch, flash fiction by Caroline Ashley at
DGS Studios

The Woodsman and The Witch

The Woodsman and The Witch

written by: Caroline Ashley



My house is surrounded by cats. They stalk the boundary, singing soulful laments to a star-filled sky. Unforgiving amber eyes gaze inward, goading me to abandon my shelter. Vines insinuate tendrils in every gap, rupturing plaster as they consolidate their hold on my territory, a fist slowly clenching in a war against stone. The eyes of passersby glance off my property like rebounding rubber balls. My cries dissipate in the air like dandelion seeds.

A woman approaches in silence, body encased in writhing shadow, eyes aflame. Merciless, unrelenting, an inescapable force of vengeful nature. Her woods fell victim to the swing of my axe and now I pay the price.

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