Halloween Makeover, poetry by Camellia at Spillwords.com

Halloween Makover

Halloween Makeover

written by: Camellia



Tonight, I am dressed as Superstition…
Which one? They’re all so pretty, I simply cannot choose.
When the makeup peels off, they’ll scream the prettiest screams!
But I cannot go out without the swirls and swirls of iridescent pink and blue,
Pretty harmless…
The scales look quite good, they say…
They crown me Halloween Queen!
Thank you but the scales are real!
You’ve heard of goblins, witches, and ghouls,
Maybe even the Boogey-Man too, but vampires and werewolves for sure!
I’d know, I fell for one of those or two…
But you’ve never heard of me…
Fear cannot silence screams…
Think of sirens but more specific,
Something more beautiful yet terrifying!
Where do I live? What am I?
Something so rare, so unheard of?
Oh please! I wander around every day, I’m commonplace.
You want to know a secret?
I am afraid…so very afraid of monsters…

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